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Each vessel has its own unique priorities and tasks.  Our approach to a boat's design is from a well-practiced program of communication protocols and design standards, which result in a design that not only meets the needs of the Owner, but enhances them as well.


Through well-developed management skills, we endeavor to make a project flow smoothly from preliminary design, through regulatory review, trials, and onward to final delivery.




Consulting Projects form a significant part of Gilbert Associates history.  These projects often vary in scope and scale once the vessel begins its working life.


From the experience garnered while engineering these consulting projects, we have also improved our own designs. Our experience in this field allows our staff to foresee needed changes well before work is started, so that projects remain on time and within their budgets.


Adapting a physical change or modification to a vessel, bringing a vessel into compliance with regulatory bodies, and meeting the needs of the customer, while maintaining the project's budgets, are all challenges Gilbert Associates meets with continued success.



Common examples of our services are listed below, although we are also able to diagnose problems and recommend solutions for all vessels:

  • Stability Tests, Deadweight Surveys and Stability Conditions Booklets

  • Speed and Power Analysis, Propeller Selection

  • Vessel Repowering

  • Transportation Studies

  • Midlife Retrofitting

  • Gross Domestic Tonnage Reviews

  • Load Line Calculations

  • Vessel Lengthening and Sponsing

  • Major and Minor Structural Revisions

  • Project Management

Our success is evident by the loyalty of our customers

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